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Experienced PA Criminal Law Attorneys Building a Strong Defense

Successfully handling a wide range of criminal cases in Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County, PA

Since 1983, Platt, DiGiorgio & DiFabio have been defending clients in Pennsylvania and New Jersey who face criminal prosecution for misdemeanor, felony and federal offenses. We realize that the anxiety, stress and frustration you experience after an arrest can be unbearable. Serving Pennsylvania communities from Norristown and Media to West Chester, criminal defense lawyers at our firm have the experience and skill to build a solid defense for you.

Aggressive advocates on your side

The importance of retaining a lawyer after an arrest cannot be over-emphasized. Depending on the charges against you, you could face hefty fines and a lengthy prison sentence. In addition, if convicted, you will have a criminal record. This can make it difficult to obtain employment in the future.

Our Paoli criminal law attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients arrested for the following crimes:

  • Driving under the influence. Were you recently arrested for a DWI/DUI? If so, you could face serious penalties. Our lawyers can assist you in fighting the charges so you can move forward with your life.
  • Drug crimes. In both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, the state penalizes drug crimes harshly. Regardless of whether you are accused of possessing or selling a controlled substance, without a criminal law attorney by your side, you could wind up paying thousands of dollars in fines or serving a prison sentence.
  • Juvenile offenses. If police arrest your son or daughter, it is imperative that you do everything in your power to prevent a conviction. A juvenile criminal record can affect your child’s ability to attend a university or obtain employment.
  • Traffic violations. Some traffic violations are misdemeanor offenses. In addition, if you accumulate too many traffic points in a short period, you could lose your license.

Knowledgeable attorneys serving West Chester, Media and Norristown, PA

At Platt, DiGiorgio & DiFabio, we have experienced handling cases at every stage of the criminal justice system. If you need assistance with a parole or probation matter, we can provide you with knowledgeable guidance. Additionally, certain offenses are prosecuted on a federal level. Our federal criminal defense lawyers can review your case and build a concrete defense for you.

Defending your rights in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

If police arrest you or someone you love for any type of crime, do not hesitate to contact Platt, DiGiorgio & DiFabio. Our dedicated attorneys are eager to assist you. To speak to one of our highly experienced lawyers, call us today at 267-388-1599 or contact us online.