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Whether you are new to business or a seasoned entrepreneur, you can benefit greatly from the guidance of a skilled lawyer. The experienced corporate law attorneys at Platt, DiGiorgio & DiFabio are committed to looking out for your best interests at all times. We have a thorough understanding of business law and deftly handle the most complicated corporate law matters. If you are starting a business for the first time, or if you have multiple parties (shareholders) involved in a business, we can help protect your assets. When you seek our guidance, your trust is well placed — our firm has been protecting the assets and investments of business owners throughout Pennsylvania since 1983.

For help starting a business, seek the help of experienced Corporate Law attorneys

Starting a new business can be an exciting endeavor. But then it also can be daunting. If you are unfamiliar with the territory, you may make costly mistakes. Our team of seasoned business attorneys can assist you in navigating the pitfalls of the corporate world and help you create the following business formations:

  • Sole proprietorship. Under this business model, a single person owns a company. A sole proprietorship is the easiest and least expensive method of starting a business. However, with a sole proprietorship, not only do you have legal liability, but also you personally are responsible for all debts incurred by your business.
  • Partnership. A partnership can be established if two or more people wish to own a business. Partners share profits and are jointly and individually liable for the actions of each other.
  • Limited liability company. One of the major advantages of forming an LLC is that you are not personally responsible for business debts. However, LLCs can cost more than partnerships or sole proprietorships to create and run.
  • Limited liability partnership. An LLP provides each partner with liability protection from the actions of the other partners. As a result, each partner is solely responsible for his or her own debts and liabilities.
  • Corporations. A corporation will provide shareholders with liability protection. There are different types of corporations that may provide better options for a new business.

No new business exists in a vacuum. New ventures come with new relationships – business partners, shareholders, employees and many others.  These relationships require agreements that protect you and help you operate your business in an environment in which there are clear guidelines. Shareholder agreements, stock transfers, operating agreements, consulting agreements and cross-purchase buy-sell agreements are only some of the contracts that our attorneys not only recommend for your business, but can also assist you in creating.

Qualified attorneys assisting with employment agreements

Businesses have some options for the structure of their workforce. They can have employees, independent contractors, or consultants. A well-drafted employment agreement, contractor agreement, or consulting agreement is often required and always wise so that all parties understand his or her rights and responsibilities. Additionally, when a member of your workforce leaves the company, a properly structured severance agreement can be an essential way to avoid future claims. Our knowledgeable, experienced attorneys can help you draft, review and negotiate employment and severance agreements that accurately reflect your needs and protect your rights.

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